Top Ten People Most Dangerous To Videogames

9) Single System Devotee

You read it right: you're on here too, you fanboy. The Devotee can be easily spotted in the wild; he's the one standing in his console section praising his system's games while screaming across the store that everything that exists on the other console is crap and everyone who owns it is either retarded, an imbecile or a crackhead. These guys are the most hardcore of hardcore fans, and tend to be completely illogical in their devotion. If you don't agree, they immeditately decide you're biased. And if you happen to be a games journalist, they add that you're on the take from the competion.

How could showing your love be so bad? After all, we don't all have enough money to purchase and enjoy every system, why not love the one you're with, right?

Not exactly. Loving what you have is all good, but hating thy neighbor's fix - or opinion - can kill gaming. Here is the issue: it makes all gamers look like immature jackasses who can't be trusted to make the right decisions for themselves. Which encourages busibodied lawmakers and parents to interfere and "save us from ourselves". Mainstream observers tend to operate based upon a completely incorrect, yet long-standing sterotype that gaming is for children - and acting like a pouty six year-old doesn't do much to foster respect for and trust in our industry.   

Above: Fanboys are in a constant battle. Too bad it's not as much fun as a fight between Mario and Master Chief would be

The other harmful effect of fanboys' inability to appreciate all things not on their system is slightly masochistic. The Xbox Devotee believes that Halo is only the greatest shooter ever and cannot be topped, except maybe by Gears of War. The Playstation Devotee will convince you that there is no better RPG series than Final Fantasy. While these narrow-minded men are correct that these are all great games, they're missing something: objectivity, maturity, and wisdom. So they end up denying both themselves and those who listen to their biased opinions some great gameplay experiences.

How do we fight them?
It's tough, because it has to happen from within. If you just read this and understood, you're fine. If you got indignant and called us names, you're part of the problem. It's simple really. Enjoy your system, love it even, at least as much as a person can love a machine; but be smart enough to realize that there are other great games and systems out there.


  • ShokuaHyuga - October 11, 2010 6:59 a.m.

    I've experienced one of these dangers myself; game store clerk opinion. Once upon a time, I decided to purchase a copy of Poke'mon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Resue Team from a Gamestop store. Upon purchasing, the clerk told me that he had tried the game and had become discouraged with it; as a result, I barely gave the game half a chance, I played for roughly ten minutes, just enough time to finish the first mission, and gave it up, selling it back to Gamestop the very next time I went. I also know the threat of young children playing mature games is happening in my community, and it's time me and friends and aquaintances took action.
  • AwesomeA1010 - October 8, 2010 2:05 a.m.

    this is a great article, it didn't feel anything like 10 pages because I was so into it
  • tuomotaivainen - October 8, 2010 1:06 a.m.

    I'm one of the kids who was allowed to buy Diablo 2 thanks to mommy! Awesome part is.. I'm still a perfectly mature (most of the time), responsible person. Given the right circumstances and proper parenting skills. Kids CAN play M rated games and still turn out ok. Most of these problem people are actually revolved around threat #1. Which is just completely sad.
  • freddyqaqualung - October 8, 2010 12:46 a.m.

    I feel glad that I have those kinds of parents that actually pay attention to things and consider it in a reasonable manner. Also that I'm not that kid who shouts racial slurs at you over the mic in COD.
  • Da-Ku - September 2, 2008 3:10 p.m.

    First! Sorry Anyway... I Have To Admit I Used To Be A Fanboy But then I Bought a PS2 Aswell As A Wii I Need A 360 Now But Im Not Touching The PS3 It Has Good Games And I Dont Hate It I Just Dont Think Its A Good System

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