Top 7 Things You'll Love and Hate about Burning Crusade

7. Pallies and Shammies

You’ll Love
For the first time, Horde players will be able to create Paladins and Alliance ones will be able create Shaman. Both are versatile hybrid classes that can provide backup support with light healing and enjoy a wide selection of armor and weapons. Now that there are no longer any classes exclusive to each faction, PvP battles should be more balanced. Also, both Horde and Alliance parties can now enjoy combined boosts from a Paladin’s blessings and a Shaman’s totems.

Above: A Paladin with no one to heal is a sad sight to see

You’ll Hate
Why get rid of one of the few key differences between the Horde and Alliance factions? We wish Blizzard gave us a new class instead of rehashing the two most loathsome ones in the game.

If you’ve never played a Paladin or Shaman then understand that descriptors like ‘versatile’ and ‘hybrid’ just mean that you can do a bit of everything poorly. You can try promoting yourself as a healer on the ‘Looking for Group’ chat channel, but don’t expect any invites unless the party already has a real healer like a Priest or Druid. Your mediocrity will further apply towards your inability to deal any sort of noticeable damage in combat. Get used to casting buffs or laying down a few totems before you relax and watch the rest of your group do the real work when running through instanced dungeons.


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