Top 7 Things You'll Love and Hate about Burning Crusade

4. Flying Mounts

You’ll Love
Players have dreamed of soaring through the skies on their own flying mount since the dawn of WoW and thanks to The Burning Crusade, those dreams will come true once you hit the new level cap of 70. Due to the increased amount of gold received from killing monsters and completing quests in Outland, it’s unlikely that you’ll need to scrounge for cash to afford your first bird, which means that you can immediately jump right into exploring areas unreachable by foot and poking slow levelers from above.

Above: The only thing standing between you and this bird are about a million monsters that need killing

You’ll Hate
As you slog through the swamps of Zangarmarsh and hoof it past the plains of Nagrand you’ll see other players zipping about on their brand new gryphons and drakes. At times it’ll seem like everyone has a flying mount but you. Even NPC guards in cities are riding them and seem to taunt you as you fantasize about your first flight. Getting your flying mount and soaring freely through Outland feels great, but waiting to reach level 70 so you can purchase one feels like an eternity.


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