Top 7 Things You'll Love and Hate about Burning Crusade

3. New items

You’ll Love
Even if your character is equipped with the best gear, you can rest assured that The Burning Crusade features a treasure table that will mark the return of your loot fever. Whether, you roll as a Protection Warrior or a Holy Priest, expect to start drooling when you see the list of rewards from Outland’s various new factions, quests, and instance bosses. Pumping up your character with these new stat-boosting items feels great as you fight your way towards the game’s new level cap of 70.

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You’ll Hate
Better equipment is a great thing and was expected with the new level cap. Still, getting rid of the awesome gear you fought so hard for prior to The Burning Crusade just doesn’t feel right. You won’t be able to justify holding on to your epic armor sets for long with so many powerful items jumping out at you from new quests. But no matter how hard you try to justify it, ditching those rare items that took you months of raiding in 40 man groups to earn will leave you with a bad feeling in the pit of your stomach.


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