Top 7 Things You'll Love and Hate about Burning Crusade

2. Blood Elves

You’ll Love
What’s not to love about the blood elves? They’re addicted to magic and are on the constant lookout to feed their spiritual fix. Armed with a dance animation based on the routine from the film, Napoleon Dynamite, and some of the most powerful racial abilities in the game, you can bet that blood elves will be the race of choice for the majority of fresh Horde characters.

Above: Meet Brian. This buxom Paladin is actually a 38 year old accountant who wants to party with you

You’ll Hate
There’s a reason why the Alliance out numbers the Horde on just about every server. Online transvestites, who favor the slender frame of female Humans and Night Elves over the bulky builds of Orcs and hairy Tauren, tend to roll with the forces of good. But now that the Horde has been endowed with the most effeminate race in the game, don’t be surprised the first time you hear a deep - and undoubtedly male voice - coming from the petite Paladin previously known to you as Sparkles.


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