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  • Rub3z - November 27, 2012 9:32 p.m.

    Holy crap. The Take Two or Valve Software ones would be awesome. In the former, I'd choose Max Payne, Salvador, Serious Sam, Luis Lopez, Lilith, Subject Delta... in the latter, I'd choose the Spy, the Scout, the Tank, Francis, Chell, a Hunter, Zepheniah Mann (he'd be pretty overpowered)... but not Gordon Freeman. Why? Because Gordon Freeman would be, by and far, the most stupidly powerful fighting game character of all time. Just hand the guy a crowbar and every single other character would struggle to match him. Or!!! Picture this: as you fight with him, he gets progressively more powerful throughout the match to reflect his progression through the games. To start, he'd merely have the ability to pick up and toss items (tin cans) in the level and maybe just a standard punch maneuver (alongside the devastating ability to stare completely silently at your enemies with malicious intent). Get a KO and he'll acquire an HEV suit, making him a competent fighter. Then he'll earn a crowbar, turning him into a raging close quarters melee god. Then he'll earn the grav gun, and become especially difficult to defeat, and eventually as a super he'll get the Super Grav Gun, at which point his enemies will be tantamount to playthings that he'll toss about the stage at will. You can't tell me that that wouldn't be awesome.

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