Top 20 Galactic Moments

15) Blast Corps
Rare’s hugely underrated and sadly forgotten Blast Corps, a rollicking bulldoze-’em-up, is featured here simply because of the sheer amount of planet-hopping involved. In the time-trial stages, you have to clear a path for a shuttle to land on the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars and, finally, chilly, chilly Neptune. All the levels have lower gravity than on Earth, natch. No, wait - that’s not natch at all - Neptune actually has higher gravity than Earth in real life. Come on, guys.

16) Mario Strikers Charged
It says much about what is fast becoming ourleast favourite game of all time that the Galactic Stadium, a piece of debris floating in space, is one of Mario Strikers Charged’s least exciting levels. Now, Madden on the N64, on the other hand - you could unlock an outer space stadium on that. How wacky are those EA funsters? Er, a bit, we suppose.