Too Human too pretty

Tuesday 2 May 2006
Developer Silicon Knights has released a deluge of new shots of its forthcoming Xbox 360 action adventure Too Human.

The game is being published by Microsoft and should be one of the many 360 titles on show at next week's E3 games show, with the combination of stunning visuals and intense action guaranteeing plenty of interest.

Too Human is set in a futuristic world where the existence of mankind is under threat from a force of war machines. Gamers are thrust into this ongoing battle taking control of Baldur, a Cybernetic 'god' who possesses the necessary skills to combat the rampaging machines.

The action is presented in third-person as Baldur uses a combination of melee attacks and blasting to influence the result of huge battles.

The game will support an online cooperative mode that will allow up to four players to work their way through the game and even combine their skills to launch team-based attacks.

Too Human is a hugely important project for developer Silicon Knights as it has been working on ideas for the game since the mid-1990s and is now able to use the power of 360 to make it all become a reality.