Tony Hawk's Proving Ground

Career skater
A whole new world of “Nail the trick” fun is open to you

1) Nail the trick
This is the portion of the trick sequence above that, if you’ve dabbled with Project 8, you’ll be familiar with. Whenever you’re in the air, clicking down on both sticks will throw you into slow-mo while the camera snuggles up next to your skater’s feet. Each stick controls a foot and allows you to send the board into a cool series of kickflips. Let your funky trainers nudge the board at the wrong angle though, and you’d be sent clattering into a red-faced heap.

2) Nail the grab
Previously, your options were relatively limited - you could spin your body and flick the board into a spin, but that was your lot. Proving Ground offers a more hands-on approach, literally. Grabs can now be weaved into the mix, allowing you to clasp the board (or even the wheel trucks) and hold a trick pose as you soar through the air like soft-focus syrup. And as well as this more flexible airtime, there’s even more to take in. See, the impressive Nail combos no longer stop when you hit the ground and get jolted out of your showboating, because...

3) Nail the manual
...when you hit the floor, you can continue your sluggishly immaculate journey with some groovy Nail the Manual trickery. As in the previous Hawk, there will likely be a limit regarding the length of time you can spend in this high-scoring state, but this new aspect means that there’s otherwise no constraint in terms of being able to keep on Nailing. Performing manuals in Project 8 while your special bar was activated gives you an idea of how foxy this particular aspect will look, but this time you’ll have far more control in terms of directing just which body part goes where.

Hardcore skaters
Hardcore skaters don’t take any crap and like to push things to the limit - which is why they all eventually come to be covered in scars. And they can also barge people out of the way, so if those squares in authority - security guards and the like - are pissing on your parade, you can send them sky-high with a body check.

Hardcore skaters also have access to a new set of moves that let them weave together slick trick sequences when trundling about inside bowls and pools. They can carve around the inside of bowls using sharp, sliding turns, as well as perform “slash” grinds on the lip, an angled alternative to the typical grind.

Finally, Hardcore skaters can use push power, giving themselves a speed boost with their feet, building up the kind of velocity that negates the need to find a clean run-up if you’re looking for enough momentum to clear a huge gap, or head into the stratosphere off a quarter pipe.

Rigger skaters
Firstly, Riggers can treat the entire game world as a custom skate park. There’s a limit on just how many pieces you can place, but you can augment any existing trick props with your own cunning set-up - all the grind and pipe pieces snap together smartly - or just turn a dull piece of flatland into a mini-skatopia.

Riggers don’t just create, they also modify. A hammer icon lets you alter bits of the world, by converting a concrete barrier into a quarter-pipe, say, or molding a pile of trash to turn into a ramp. Riggers can also place cameras to take snaps of themselves as they skate.

The final skill Riggers have access to is climbing. So, if you’re not too put out by the idea of jumping off your board and roughing it pedestrian-style, you can scale buildings and access new areas that other skater types just can’t reach. Plus, there’s no better way to find some rooftops to perform some vertiginous Acid Drops from, into the streets below...

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