Tony Hawk's Proving Ground

Not that customization stops there - the Create-a-Skater options have been much expanded beyond the pathetic selection of body/face/clothing types available in Project 8, and working your way through each career strand unlocks plenty more options and other bits and pieces for your wardrobe.

Proving Ground is primed for customization. As well as varied play styles (we wonder whether or not that’s a good idea, instead of letting you settle into a one-scheme-fits-all control setup) and character details, you’ll now be able to record and edit your very own footage (like EA’s Skate), and take snapshots. You’ll even have your own HQ, in the form a large hangar that can be tricked out with all kinds of decor, including some colorful pre-made themes - give it a dojo kinda vibe, for example - and furniture you can scatter around the place, and even skate on. That last bit’s worth remembering, because you can now access this personal habitat online, and invite other players around.

While those other players are in town, you’ll still be able to skate the entire world together, but with a wider range of game set-up options at your disposal. For starters, you can gamble your in-game currency as part of online challenges, and put your money where your headset is. If you’re hosting a game, the world will be your design, and any changes you put into place as a Rigger-type character will be ones that everyone else can see, use and call you trash for. Plus, insult-flavored favorite versus mode “Horse” is making an online comeback, but it’s no longer about just taking turns to score the highest combo - you can tailor the requirements of each game as you see fit, from which objects have to be tricked upon, or assign some mini-goals to each bout.


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