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  • downhillJAM - March 19, 2011 2 a.m.

    Alright so i didnt wanna have to do this but this game, on xbox 360, has officially pissed me off, tony andhis group of game creators, testers, and who ever else helped develop this game on this platform screwed it up. It went from the enjoyable playstation 2 game where the mission where well thought out, and not scattered, very discriptive. Now im not sayin that this game is a total loss. The buildings, people, bails, gore, and overall graphic layout is amazing, but i think thats the only things they focused on. As far as the mission, though once u learn or hear about them u can complete them at your own pace, but they have no structure, they just throw out mission and then its like they go "oops we forgot about this which will allow u to do that" so they throw that little bit into your already in progress mission. Then once involved in a mission they give u no instruction or sense of direction on how to complete it, so u have to fail and restart and fail and restart until uve basical freestyled your way to a rookie level and by then your. Already pissed cause u had to figure out the damn mission yourself instead of them properly explaining it to you.. so basically you have to improv your way through the whole game, which is fun for a while, but then the glitches come in, theres a mission preventing me from completing it, to where i have to grind around a ledgeand do a few grind variations on it before i reach the end. Sounds simply, yea it should be, but the horrible glitch dosnt allow my variations to be counted, until i reach the very end of the rail, frustrating right, well im pretty good a ledge and rail grinding and manueling, so i figure its not biggy, but it is, see with speed i can only pull off 3 variations before i reach the end of the ledge, and with moderate speed i can pull off all 4, but i cnt reach the end of the ledge. Now i should be able to pull of all before i even get close to the ledge but the game doesnt see it that way. Theres a few more but i dont feel like discussing that. Now the errors are minor, but annoying. Just makes the game on this platform way less enjoyable and way more point oriented if ur wondering where that came from just do one of the missions where u have to beat the other challengers in a point race.

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