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Tony Hawk's Project 8 review

Real skating bite, minus the wheelchair

Some features simply haven't changed much since 1999, but others are deliberate throwbacks. For example, Classic mode. Sincethe series' inception,we've been tenderizing thumbs to smash five whatevers, find the secret whatever, and achieve the "sick" score. Some gamers love it, others (like us) are tired of it. But it's cool that it's here. Also still breathing are the goofy goals, which range from amusing to annoying. You'll skydive (totally Mountain Dew extreme, bro!), fetch golf balls, and help bears get dancing lessons.

More Info

DescriptionTony Hawk's starting from scratch with all-new graphics, physics, and a renewed focus on stone-cold skateboarding realism.
Franchise nameTony Hawk
UK franchise nameTony Hawk
PlatformPS3, Xbox 360, PS2, Xbox, PSP
US censor ratingTeen