Tomb Raider Anniversary - updated impressions

It wouldn’t be Tomb Raider without Lara's guns. They sit in holsters and are easily accessible to kill all manner of pesky animals. This level primarily involves shooting bats, wolves, raptors and, of course, that T-Rex.

Lara has swapped her classic green T-shirt for a figure-hugging leotard. But judging by the way she fidgets with it on the start-up screen, it must be chafing somewhere…

Lara’s first real quest involves fixing the giant cog-driven machine which dominates the level. The cogs themselves now look more realistic and are made of wood, carved or tied together with vines. When Lara replaces the three lost cogs, they have their own little animations rather than being pushed into place.

The braid is back! Lara’s simple trademark plait is now more of a sophisticated French braid. The choice of hairstyle means Lara's locks are well out of the way during her tomb raiding, but also makes her seem more mature and stylish. We like.

Lara’s tiny backpack - last seen in the Angkor Wat training level of Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation  - returns. It holds all her equipment, which has really been scaled back - there’s not a wireless headset or PDA in sight, and the classic Tomb Raider rotating inventory screen also makes a welcome return.


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