Tomb Raider Anniversary - updated impressions

Who remembers the massive waterfall? All of you? Good. It dominates this section of Peru and drives the primitive cog-based machinery at the heart of the level. As before, should you feel the need, Lara can swan-drive from the top into the pool below, and it looks amazing.

These accursed flying rodents are back to plague Ms Croft. The bats we saw took around fifteen shots to kill(!) but Eidos have promised the final game will have swarms of the little buggers, each of which will die with single shot.

Lara spends much of her time dangling off ledges. All the lovely moves and mechanics from Legend have returned: she can shimmy and even do a handstand while climbing onto ledges. Lady Croft also has a new balancing trick called "the perch," which allows her to hop from post to post without falling off.

There's no single way to get through this level, and it's filled with secret passages, nooks and crannies. Bridges like this one can be crossed, or Lara can shimmy across rock faces, climb up and down makeshift ladders or just dive off the nearest cliff face into the water below.

Lara's looks
While the game uses graphics last seen in Tomb Raider: Legend, Eidos have made a point of turning back the clock, making Lady Croft look younger. She's now in her early twenties, complete with the rosy blush of youth on her cheeks.



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