Tomb Raider Anniversary - updated impressions

So, sky - good, but water - a bit disappointing, especially given that the waterfall and the river are key to this particular level. The enemies are also really hard to beat right now, although we're sure this will be tinkered with.

But this isn't just a rehash of the 1996 original. The basic storyline concerning the Scion and the evil Natla remain, but everything else is fresh like daisies. There's new moves, for instance. We adore Lara's "perch," which sees her hot-footing it over poles or areas too small to land normally. Her balance looks precarious, but we're assured she won't fall; it gives us a taste of danger, and we like it. 

When do we get to play? While no precise release date, other than the second quarter of 2007, has been announced, we do know there’s a minimum of 15 hours of play - and more if you want to explore every nook and cranny of the vast levels. And the game itself will also include an unlockable director's commentary featuring Lara's creator, Toby Gard, talking you through the action.

Arriving early did yield one nugget - we caught a glimpse of Lara swimming in her Tomb Raider 2 wetsuit, so don't be surprised if the option to don classics from Lara's wardrobe makes it to the final game.

And the T-Rex? They’re keeping her under wraps for now. We saw its leg, but the look on Lara's face said it all. We can’t wait to see more. Bring it on.


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