Tomb Raider: Anniversary Strategy Guide

Level 11: Sanctuary of the Scion

Big Water Puzzle

Jump in the water. Swim between the statues to the bottom. Pull the switch to drop the water level. Climb the foot of the left statue and head to the statue’s top. At the puzzle, shoot four scarabs on the wall so they match the directions etched on the floor.

Pull the switch behind the door to make the water go back up. Climb the ladder and go around the statue again. Swing across the pole to the side of the other statue and jump to the big gold switch. An underwater gate opens for a limited time.

Check the scarab positions on the floor underwater and do the second scarab puzzle. This opens another gate to a switch. Pull it to raise the water. Swim to the left statue. Above the switch you pulled earlier is a hole to swim up and out of.

Jump onto the lever, up to the ledge, then around the room until you reach the top of the statue. Climb up the left-hand wall using the ledges. Jump onto the gold switch between the statue heads to raise the water again and reach the exit door.