Tomb Raider: Anniversary - Day two

Looking through the new Lost Valley it seems there's a lot more detail in it - with the addition of houses. What was the thinking behind that?

It was part of our goal to not only redo what was in the original but also to expand the story and believability of the spaces - one of the main parts of the first chapter of the original game, Peru, was the City of Vilcabamba, which was sort of only seen in very small areas and then there were a lot of just caves and then a little bit more area later on once you get into Qualopec's tomb - there wasn't really the sense that a civilization had really inhabited this entire underground cave system and really built up a civilization here. So we went back and we remade it.

Above: The cog puzzle is back, but now looks like it was made for a reason

We really wanted to convey the feeling that there was this civilization and it's grown up and developed around the Scion piece that was contained there and sort of created a more believable environment for the player so it didn't just seem like there were isolated pockets of human habitation within this giant cave system and so there was all of that, so you'd see more small bits of human sort of development in various spots throughout the level.


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