Tomb Raider: Anniversary - Day two

You mentioned the T-Rex. The level demo we saw ended with the T-Rex's foot stomping into the screen. Are we going to be amazed when we actually see it? What's it like?

Yeah, I mean the T-Rex is actually really fun - we spent a lot of time on the T-Rex in general. I mean, all of the bosses, but especially the T-Rex, because it is such a memorable moment from the original so... he's back and he's actually humungous now. We had originally created the T-Rex sort of the same size as the T-Rex in TR1 and then when people played at they were like "well, he's kinda small," so we actually made him about 50% bigger or even more - I can't remember exactly how much bigger.

Above: The T-Rex himself is still being kept under wraps, but the Raptors look way better than before

But you know, we made him bigger, he's higher speed, higher fidelity, he's got all sorts of groovy, great texturing on him, particle effects for spin, when he runs around and everything... his sound is terrific, he shakes the ground and everything. I think it fulfils everyone's expectations of what battling a T-Rex on foot would be like. I think everyone at the studio is really happy with the way that he turned out - it's a really fun experience fighting him.


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