Tokyo Jungle Gamescom trailer -- Enter the pomeranian

Playable pomeranians

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In Sony's bizarre upcoming PSN title, Tokyo Jungle, you can actually play as a pack of wild pomeranians struggling to survive in the ruins of Tokyo. If that doesn't sell you on this game then we're not sure what will. Thankfully, even if you're not into pomeranian survival games, there are plenty of other beasts you can control which are highlighted in the trailer below.

While the pomeranian is an enticing option, we're struggling to think of a single animal listed in the trailer that we don't want to play as. Bear? Check. Pack of dogs? Check. Pack of chimps? Oh yea. Velociraptor? Do you have to ask?

Tokyo Jungle released in Japan just after E3 in June (we checked out an import copy), and is confirmed for North America although we don't have a release date just yet.