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  • Submitted by Wolf Feather/Jamie Stafford

Tokyo Extreme Racer Zero Cheats

  • 3 Million Dollars

    Beat the Speed King. He drives the 1200 HP Skyline. You will get 3 million dollars and the ability to buy his car. It's not easy. Good luck!
    Submitted by Votman
  • $ 5 Million Dollars

    After you have beaten the Speed King you will get 3 Million Dollars, then keep racing against all the 12 Zodiacs which is a new group of speeding and hard racers to beat. When you get to the last one which is the "White Charisma" beat him and after that a screen will appear saying that you are a legend now and after that go to your garage and you will get $ 5 Million Dollars added to your account.
    Submitted by Admir Sepic
  • Different Opening Sequence

    When selecting the transmission type Hold R1. Keep holding R1 until the new load screen starts
    Submitted by None
  • Mirror Buddies

    While you are at the screen where you pick your transmission hold either r1,r2,l1,l2 until the now loading screen comes up. While your driving there will be a little beanie buddy next to ur rear view mirror.
    Submitted by Dwight

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