Available on: PS2

Time Crisis: Crisis Zone Cheats, Codes & Guides

Time Crisis: Crisis Zone Cheats

  • Extra Lives

    Simply complete the game, each time you complete the game you will be award an extra live option, which will increase every time you complete the game (maximum is 9).
    The same goes for Extra Credits, instead of completing the game, just let the main character die and each time you time you will be given an extra credit.
    However you must go to the options - game settings menu to change the number of credits available or choose how many lives you want, if you do not do this first then your game will continue its standard settings.
    Submitted by Scott Emsen
  • Extra Credits

    To get extra credits to complete the game easily just die/get killed. Once the timer has ran out for "Continue?" it will then go on the saying "Credits has increased.
    Submitted by Scott Emsen
  • Unlock Extra Story Mode

    Just complete STORY MODE ONCE to unlock the extra mission, which continues on the story of Crisis Zone.
    Submitted by Scott Emsen

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