Tim Burton plans Dark Shadows next

Tim Burton is planning to make his long-cherished adaptation of Dark Shadows a reality as his next film.

While he's still armpit-deep in post-production on Alice In Wonderland, he's told MTV that the supernatural soap is on his to do list, for a planned shoot next year.

“That’s something that Johnny (Depp) and I both love and are excited about,” the director says. “When I’m done with this I’ll definitely focus on that.”

Depp has been talking about it, too - listing as one of the movies he plans to make next year. And unlike some of his other future projects (coughPirates 4cough), it's a little further along.

But Burton admits there will be decisions to be made, specifically about the tone of the thing. "It’s another challenge because it was such a weird soap opera.

"Part of the energy of it was the tone and weirdness of it. That’s our challenge, to try to capture that vibe.”

What vibe? It's a show that blended soap opera convention with ghosts, zombies and werewolves, with Depp eyeing the meaty role of vampire Barnabas Collins (above).

And where does Burton think he'll go with it? “That remains to be seen. That’s a question and a challenge we talk about a lot. I haven’t arrived at the answer.

"That’s definitely a main issue, the tone and the vibe of it because as we all know melodrama can cross over. It’s one of the more interesting things about it.”

Still, you've got to admit that the more we learn, the more it feels perfect for Burton.

[Source: MTV ]

Does it sound good to you? Or should Burton go for something traditional next time?


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