Ticket to Ride board game comes to iPad

As the vintage-gaming enthusiasts amongst you may know, the first games platform wasn't the Odyssey or Fairchild Channel F. No, it was the freakin' table – home to classics of rainy-day monotony, like Monopoly, The Game of Life and We've Lost The Dice, Please Let's Not Play Cards. Those still keeping up with non-joypad gaming know that the humble table-top board game is enjoying something of a renaissance – so it's welcome news to hear that one of the best-regarded board games of recent years, Ticket to Ride, has expanded onto the iPad.

Previously available on Xbox Live, Ticket to Ride's iOS port has been handled by Days of Wonder, the makers of the original board game. The iPad version unfortunately doesn't offer local multiplayer on a single machine, but boasts a more elegant interface than the XBL version and offers several expansions – filled with obscure destinations nobody's heard of, even their residents – as DLC. And of course, at $7, the whole thing's considerably cheaper than the $40-odd you'll pay for a copy of the actual game.

May 24, 2011



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  • Zepaw - May 25, 2011 12:42 a.m.

    This is the kind of game I wanted since ipad, and een iphone, came out. There are a good handful of iOs board games and 95% don't have online multiplayer. Why would I play Monopoly or Life against AI?

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