Tiberium - first look

One line used to promote Tiberium so far says that “Your most powerful weapons are the forces you lead.” It’s meant to highlight the game’s focus on squad-based combat, but a demonstration of how it works in a pre-alpha build suggests that commanding your squads will be kept very simple. Vega ordered a giant Titan mech towards the frontlines to soak up heavy fire from the enemy. He then ordered a squad of soldiers to move behind the Titan, where they used the mech’s legs for cover as they provided some additional firepower.

Above: Tiberium’s move-and-forget way of issuing commands sound cool to us as long as we’re constantly seeing stuff like this

Quickly snapping off commands looked fun but very basic and similar to what you’ve seen in other squad-based shooters. You’ll only be handing out orders to have your squads move to where you’re aiming. Once there, the AI takes over and will take cover and attack depending on the situation. We hope the squad’s AI turns out well or using Vega’s “most powerful weapons” might feel like herding cats to their certain death. We’re also worried that commanding your squads will feel overly simplistic and stale if Tiberium can’t keep upping the visual ante with events or areas that really catch your eye, and make you glad that you don’t have to micro manage all the units under your care.

Expect more news on Tiberium’s multiplayer modes and how the squad control feels as more details surface. In the meantime, you can check out the latest trailer below and see new screenshots by clicking on Images tab above.

Below: The latest Tiberium trailer in all its glory


Jan 28, 2008


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