Thunderbirds: International Rescue Cheats, Codes & Guides

Thunderbirds: International Rescue Cheats

  • Level Codes

    Mission 1 Lvl 2 - Scott Tracy, Thunderbird 5, Evil Hood, Jeff Tracy
    Mission 1 Lvl 3 - Tin-Tin, Lady Penelope, Tracy Island, Alan Tracy
    Mission 1 lvl 4-Kyrano, Fab 2, Tracy Island, Thunderbird 4.
    2nd from last level: Tunderbird 5, Mole, Thunderbird 3, Jeff.T
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  • Level codes

    Here are some level codes.
    Scott T. , Thunder Bird 5 , Evil Hood , Jeff T
    Parker , Virgil T , Mole , Mole
    Kyrano , FAB 2 , Tracy island , Thunder bird 4
    Alan T , FAB 1 , Brain , John T
    Thunder Bird 3 , Thunder Bird 5 , John T , Kyrano
    Tin-Tin , Brains , FAB 1 , Brains
    John T. , Thunder Bird 2 , Scott T , FAB 2
    Mole , Jeff T , Thunder Bird 5 , Scott T
    Virgil T , Tracy island , John T , FAB 1
    Alan T , Parker , FAB 1 , FAB 2
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Thunderbirds: International Rescue Hints

  • Hints

    The first password you get is the man thick black eye brows, thunderbird 1, Jeff Tracy and thunderbird 3.
    On the 4th mission which is the first thunderbird 2 mission. You shoot all of the red buildings which gain you extra time but you have to shoot them anyway.
    There is a white box behind you, which you must shoot it then go up through the opening then go to your left then there should be an opening in the wall go in to it and there should be a white box which you shoot. then you go up a bit and go through the opening then you go down then to your right and there is a red building which you shoot. Then you go back the way you came but go up instead of going through in to the opening then to your left then you find an opening and go up it. go to the right when you get to the top and there should be a white box shoot it. There are another 5 boxes
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