Running a park should be an exceedingly complex endeavor, and the game does have a lot of elements. However, it succeeds in organizing everything through a sensible and easy-to-learn interface, and a series of guided tutorials will get you up to speed in no time. Despite the game's cartoonish looks, the depth of the simulation is pretty thorough.

Micro-managers can change everything from the color scheme of a ride to the cost of its tickets, and then peer at the real-time graphs and other statistical readouts to gauge the results of their meddling. Players can also talk to individual patrons to ask what they might like to see built... or to just share hilariously random fun facts with 'em.

If you're like us though, you'll probably be more interested in trying as many attractions as possible, and that's easy too. Placing amusement rides, arcade games, roller coasters, and vending stands is a piece of cake, only taking some cash and the press of a button. Once it's there, you can indulge as much as you like. Rides and roller coasters let you look around as your ride them, though players prone to motion sickness may want to close their eyes.