Thomas Dekker starring in Slaughter’s Road

Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles star Thomas Dekker is planning to star in Slaughter’s Road, a new horror thriller from David Hayter.

The Watchmen co-writer has set up the film as part of a new production company, Dark Hero Films, which he will use to create his own material and also to help out other filmmakers.

Slaughter’s Road is his attempt to right what he perceives as mistakes made by other lupine pics, though he hasn’t offered many details.

We do know, however, that current Punisher Ray Stevenson is negotiating to join the pic.

Before the werewolves howl, however, Hayter is aiming to director another script of his, Demonology, which is born from his time attending an international high school in Japan.

"It's about an American kid who goes to one of these schools in Belgium, but it brings my own horrible experiences of school to life," Hayter tells Variety. We suppose it’s cheaper than therapy…

[Source: Variety ]

Excited to see what the man who helped make Watchmen a reality is up to? Speak!


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