• JADENkOTOR - September 23, 2010 3:34 p.m.

    I guess you forgot about your game of the year, Batman AA, which is an action game that pulled off stealth pretty well... and nobody likes stealth enough to play through a whole damn game of that shit anyway. This is why the majority of people hate Splinter Cell, which just recently started catering to the masses with decreased emphasis in this area. And no climbing? What the fuck... Thats what those games are about. You know "climbing games". If you didn't want to climb why are you playing a climbing game? That sounds familiar, I should probably cite the source. Sterling, Jim. "Things Im Sick of Games Making Me Do". 2010. Septemberber 22, 2010 < And I only half disagree about lock picking... If you increase this area of your stats and are able to pick the really hard locks, it makes you feel like you are getting the good shit nobody else has. That aside, it is boring and lame. I absolutely hate escort missions and couldn't agree more about Ico... Shitty.
  • IRIsH - September 23, 2010 3:55 p.m.

    socializing....dont like it, dont want to do it.....
  • stevenbrianp - September 23, 2010 4:01 p.m.

    I have to disagree with the lockpicking, hacking, and alchemy parts. The lockpicking and hacking feeds the intrique of what is behind that door and makes me really want to get in there. The alchemy satisfies my inner chemist I think it is fun to go on a hunt for rare ingredients. Definately hate the escort missions though.
  • gilgamesh310 - September 23, 2010 5:06 p.m.

    I completely agree about the stealth sections and the escort missions but I quite like climbing sections, at least if there dine right. If your not going to be hammering a to climb you're likely going to be hammering RT to shoot at something so it isn't much of a problem really
  • suicidali - September 23, 2010 5:25 p.m.

    "exasperating load of old swan's cum" ... I had to read that a couple of times...
  • DynamicJul - September 23, 2010 5:37 p.m.

    Climbing in Assassin's Creed is the best thing ever.
  • flare149 - September 23, 2010 6:03 p.m.

    I actually really liked the Plumbing puzzles of Bioshock. They were pretty challenging and much more engaging than other ones like ME2's "click the matching symbols". However, the ME2 one where you sift through code is actually really cool haha
  • Mattattack - September 23, 2010 6:32 p.m.

    Hacking and Lock-picking never bothered me as much, but I HATE Alchemy and Escorting some dumb arsehole around.
  • Balaska - September 23, 2010 6:40 p.m.

    I actually like all of the above, aside from hammering buttons to open doors, controllers are expinsive dammit.
  • foxyexplosion - September 23, 2010 6:42 p.m.

    well oblivion lockpicking could be used to get you something of a higher level with skill. I mean using 20 skill to break into a very hard is impressive shit. I mean i agree with the rest but oblivion lockpicking i think is an exception. I also liked how you tried to bring up 3 examples for each. except for the hammering buttons to open doors. God of war, Arkham Asylum and what....
  • billybobbyjoe - September 23, 2010 7:06 p.m.

    I'd forgotten all about that mission in spartan total war!!!! The game was good but my god was that frustrating!
  • metalgatesolid - September 23, 2010 7:25 p.m.

    Wow kinda turned into a ICO hate mission at the end there. I agree with the escourting, does my head in. Prototype had that stupid poxy "protect the drill" mission that was hard as nails (its the same thing!!!!). I like Alchemy in games, Dragon Quests are great.
  • Moe77 - September 23, 2010 8:03 p.m.

    this guy needs fired
  • oryandymackie - September 23, 2010 8:15 p.m.

    I don't think you should be playing games if this sort of thing annoys you...
  • Abe504 - September 23, 2010 9:19 p.m.

    That is one of the reasons i can't play God of War for more than 30 mins, too many button mashing sequences, annoys the crap out of me, and its such a good game. Just needs less button mashing and qte
  • gopikmin - September 23, 2010 11:26 p.m.

    i hated climbing (not wall jumping) in Metroid:the other M. you couldn't mash 2. Instead you had to time it and then press 2. i prefer games with jetpacks, grappling hooks or high jumping
  • Helios - September 24, 2010 12:19 a.m.

    Hey, I liked the hacking in Bioshock. I though it was fun. I also kinda sorta a little tiny bit liked the lock picking in Oblivion.
  • Sleuth - September 24, 2010 1:35 a.m.

    Totally agree about Prototype, it's a great game.
  • QWERTYCommander - September 24, 2010 3:16 a.m.

    I liked the climbing in Uncarted 2. the places you could climb were clearly marked (with colored ledges, bricks jutting out, etc.) so you didn't have to look for any "beautifully rendered ledges"
  • FamousAnonymous - September 24, 2010 3:41 a.m.

    Put a lot of that silly stuff in the iPhone version and sync up with my xbox.

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