The World Ends With You - hands-on

It’s important to note that carefully pulling off combos won’t help you in the heat of battle as the enemies are very fast and will beat the crap out of you quickly. Neku and Shiki share HP and are easily felled. However, if you do find yourself bumbling about the controls, Shiki can be set to auto-control, which means the game takes over for her after a few seconds of inactivity. Trust us when we say combat does get easier and each fight has a sense of exhilarating urgency not usually found in other RPG random battles.

The World Ends With You is one of the more distinct DS games we’ve played in a while. Every aspect, from its battle system to the cel-shaded graffiti art and even the rocking J-pop, adds to the welcome hipster-infused ambience. Hitting retail next month, we can’t imagine there’s much to change because it’s been out in Japan since last July. Check back for a full review in the coming weeks.

Mar 14, 2008


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