The Wild review

"I've got popcorn up my bum," drawls Eddie Izzard's grumpy koala in Disney's latest animal adventure. You'll be lucky if you hear him speak, though, over the millions of other lame gags, overzealous sound effects and Coldplay tunes cramming every inch of this frolic. Somewhere under all the noise lies what's essentially a good-looking, CG remake of The Lion King - this time the story of a young cub taken from a New York zoo and shipped to Africa, closely followed by his dad and friends. The voice cast - which includes Kiefer Sutherland, Jim Belushi and Janeane Garofalo - do their best with a script that plays on father/son relationships, the consequences of lying and, um, inter-species love, but it's only William Shatner's evil wildebeest who gets to have real fun. Despite the familiar story, though, kiddies should still get their giggles.



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