The Wii fall out

"I like it. It's fun. Fun to say, fun to play."

"So can we expect the new Game Boy to be called the PuPu?"

"I may still splash out on one. It depends if they can keep up a steady flow of releases."

"It's a smoke screen for the best name ever to be revealed at E3."

"Anyone going to ask someone else if they would like a wee for Christmas?"

"This. Is. bad. Nintendo will fail this generation, and will go into software."

"Jonathan Ross is going to be doing the advertising for the controller: the Wii-mote."

"When it fails to sell at launch, I guess Nintendo'll have to slash the price."

"Could Nintendo's new target be the elderly: 'I can't wait for the Wii to come out'"

"'Today at E3, games journalists from across the world were shown by Nintendo representatives how to hold their Wii wands properly.'"

"This time next year I'll have a Wii under my television. I might even have a Wii in my bedroom."

"All nunchacku controllers will be dubbed catheters."

"The Nintendo conference is just going to be bizarre. Constantly hearing 'Wii' coming out of Reggie's mouth."

So, we have a Smeg fridge, a Siemens mobile, Virgin trains and Wii games consoles."

"'An Englishman, an Irishman and Shigsy all go down the magic slide...' I'll let you finish it off."

And, as one poster astutely observed: "Of course everyone can see the joke, it's just not all that funny." Well, many people seem to think he's half right.

Other comments we've heard around the office today include the following:

"Will it have streaming content?"

"To play the next Mario you'll have to wave your Wii wand around."

"Will the follow-up be called the Number 2?"

"Q: Been playing on the new Nintendo console much?
A: Yes, I've been Wii-ing like a racehorse."

Basically everyone who's heard the news has had a comment to make or a joke to crack, which is possibly a good thing, as hopefully we'll be able to get all the puns out of the way in one go, then we can all move on.

Then we can just focus on trying to get our hands on Nintendo's Wii.


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