The Top 7... Winter wonderlands

If a snowy state gets number two, then only an entire planet could secure the top spot. And as you might have figured out by now, Lost Planet is exactly that – an entire world smothered in feet, if not miles of snow. In fact, you’ll barely find an inch of this game that isn’t saturated with white, grey or some variation on the usual winter palette.

Above: Did we mention giant bugs?

So yeah, there’s top-notch powder effects, with blowing drifts and patches that stick to your clothes. But there’s also an oppressive sense of temperature, as your health is constantly draining from the arctic chill permeating the planet. Go too long without thermal energy and you’re dead. Sure gets across the unwavering harshness of winter.

Above: You’ve got to steal the bugs’ heat energy to survive

You’ve got ice, snow, colossal insects, cutting edge graphics… already this sounds like a winner. But also consider the chest-caving explosions that shudder the very ground you walk on.

Above: Man-to-man showdowns lead to rockets, grenades and teeth-rattling explosions that make you stumble headfirst into the snow

Above: Damn that’s cool

It adds up to an all-out war zone on a planet that would be deadly in any circumstance, let alone the site of a volatile power struggle. Lost Planet 2, releasing in February, takes place on the same planet, though it’s in the process of thawing, so don’t expect nearly as much of the white stuff.

~Wind chill bonus!~

Nathan Drake’s exhilarating search for the Cintamani Stone covers a wide variety of terrain, including a death-defying trip through frozen caves and a Hollywood-esque escape from a dangling train. PS3 owners, hold your heads high.

Dec 7, 2009

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