The Top 7... Winter wonderlands

Just because it’s the year’s biggest game doesn’t guarantee it a place on our coveted Top 7 lists. No, Cliffhanger makes it this high for strong, demonstrable reasons that come across easily when captured by the cold, unforgiving stare of screenshots.

Above: Begins with you and Soap kickin’ it on a cliff, ready to infiltrate a snowy mountain base

Above: Whoa! You lose your grip, only to be nabbed at the last second. Scary, sure, but check out all the powder collecting on your jacket and his face

Above: An incoming storm blocks you from view, bringing in drifts and high winds that rustle these flags in a convincing display of winter tech

Above: Hard to see, right? The wind really sells it here, ripping across this runway like a banshee, making life miserable for you and those poor dudes walking in the distance

Essentially, it’s the most “wintery” of anything on this list. Cliffhanger is just one mission in a game choked with content, but it’s easily one of the most memorable. From scaling the walls in the opening to the blizzard-cloaked infiltration, the snow and wind pierce the fourth wall with their relentless onslaught of below-zero torture, making you feel just as cold and worn out as your in-game counterparts.

Above: Oh and you ride this kickass snowmobile