The Top 7... Should Have Sucked


Why it should've sucked: Gaming is supposed to be the ultimate escapism, remember? We play in order to leave the mundane routine of real life behind. The Sims series, however, simulates - no, celebrates - such banality. Everyday tasks like cleaning dishes, paying bills, taking out the trash and visiting the restroom are audaciously passed off as entertainment. Worst of all, you're doing someone else's chores. Heck, why waste time bathing yourself when you can spend those precious minutes scrubbing some imaginary computer dude's armpits instead?

Why it doesn't: Sure, The Sims does capture some of life's duller moments. But, at the same time, the franchise is flawlessly recreating life's most wonderful moments (birth, marriage, friendship, a first kiss) as well as its most heartbreaking (death, divorce). By playing through these virtual families' highs, lows and middles, we often recognize and better understand our own. The Sims is proof, perhaps, that gamers aren't quite as eager to escape the real world as we all assume.

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