The Top 7... Should Have Sucked

How could something so wrong go so right?


Why it should've sucked: You swap colored gems to form rows and columns of three. Seriously, that's the gameplay. If you think it sounds a lot like Bejeweled, which is free and readily available online, you're wrong. It sounds exactly like Bejeweled, which is free and readily available online. Except in Puzzle Quest, you also get to be bored by a bunch of random role-playing.

Why it doesn't: In Puzzle Quest, simple gem swapping is given miraculous significance. A trio of rubies doesn't just look pretty; it can give you the power of magical fire. A line up of gold causes a windfall of cash. Three skulls deal damage to your opponent. Yes, opponent. The biggest shock of Puzzle Quest - perhaps the biggest shock of 2007 - is that competitive Bejeweled is an absolute blast. What's next, multiplayer Minesweeper?