The Top 7... Should Have Sucked


Why it should've sucked: When fans are asked to describe the extremely obscure Culdcept franchise, the three words they usually settle on are "Magic meets Monopoly." Oooh, what could be more appealing than the unholy marriage of a fantasy-based card game developed in the 1990s for teenagers... and an economics-based board game developed in the 1930s for your grandparents? Try everything.

Why it doesn't: Magic and Monopoly enjoy gargantuan popularity even to this day, and for good reason. They're both addictive as hell. Mashing them together, though a crazy idea on first glance, actually makes perfect sense. Magic gains structure and Monopoly gains excitement. Don't like either game? Still put to sleep by the mere idea? Culdcept's ultra accessibility and strange humor may win you over regardless.