The Top 7... Should Have Sucked


Why it should've sucked: Nobody loves lawyers. Lawyers are the butt of every joke and the ambulance-chasing slime of every film, book or television show. We compare them to sharks, vultures and weasels. They're ridiculed and reviled, so much so that we're surprised they haven't become as common a gaming enemy as Nazis and zombies. Well, Phoenix Wright doesn't just cast you as a lawyer. It casts you as the kind of lawyer even other lawyers despise - a defense attorney for accused murderers.

Why it doesn't: Luckily, Phoenix Wright inhabits a wholesome fantasy world where every defense attorney is an "aw shucks" do-gooder and every accused murderer is completely innocent. The witness, the prosecutor and the police chief all have better chances of ending up the real killer than your defendant does. Forget troubling gray areas and murky morality; in this game, you're nothing less than an ass-kicking, justice-serving superhero.