The Top 7... Should Have Sucked


Why it should've sucked: You play a farmer. Repeat: a farmer. How can an occupation that depends on old-fashioned order, discipline and patience (not to mention waking up before the break of dawn) possibly be translated into a medium famous for chaotic violence, instant gratification and late-night caffeine binges? When the result is a product description touting "additional crops such as cabbage, carrots and rice," do you even want them to try?

Why it doesn't: No, Harvest Moon is not like your average game. That, however, is exactly why it succeeds. After a hundred finger-twitch shooters, the quiet and unhurried life of a farmer is more than relaxing... it's healing. So is creating life rather than merely taking it. Trust us - you'll feel a lot better about your virtual killing sprees once you've planted a few virtual trees and raised a few virtual children. Call it virtual karma.