The Top 7... Secret shame games

5. Stunt Race FX

What the hell is this? The second Super FX chip game ever made - a slow, ugly cartoon racer.

Whose fault is it? Producer Shigeru Miyamoto and Director Tatsuya Hishida.

What happened? After Starfox was a huge hit, Nintendo promised further titles showcasing its 3D-generating Super FX chip. The next game they had in the pipeline was a polygonal racing game, made under the watchful eye of Miyamoto himself. People quickly came to expect another racing classic on par with Mario Kart or F-Zero, only with the stunning polygon graphics they used to be able to only see in arcades.

Unfortunately, what players got was a far cry from this dream. Stunt Race FX turned out to be a racing game featuring bizarre, googly-eyed vehicles traversing uninspired courses. Very, very slowly. Stunt Race FX lacked any sense of speed whatsoever, due to the FX chip lacking the strength to handle drawing the polygons for courses quickly. But even with the sluggish pace, the choppiness was still bad enough to induce motion sickness at times. Making matters worse, Sega had already released its Genesis port of Virtua Racing earlier in the year, which both looked better and ran far more smoothly than Stunt Race FX did. The game tanked in the marketplace, and the Super FX chip only saw use in a few more games before being put out to pasture.

Aftermath: Stunt Race FX remains one of Nintendo's most-forgotten SNES titles, and quite possibly the worst game to ever bear Miyamoto's name in a key design role (Producer). Don't hold your breath waiting for this one to hit Virtual Console - Nintendo would rather forget about it, and it wouldn't be worth your Wii Points anyway.