The top 7... rudest cheats

World of Warcraft

With a highly addicted, predominantly male player base, the king of all MMORPGs didn’t have a chance of avoiding digital lust. Blizzard tried – official patch 1.11 broke the first nude patch, but modders are incorrigible and breasts bounced back into WoW in no time. Grab the most popular PC game’s most popular patch here.

Above: I’m a d00d, you idiots

Install the patch and create a character that meets your definition of sexy (we recommend not going Horde, but it’s your call). Remove her (or his) clothing until all that’s left is flesh. Before you get all giddy, prepare to be creeped out by the flock of forty-year old men that will inevitably follow you around. Do they have the nude patch installed as well? It’s likely. Do they realize that you’re probably a dude but just don’t care? It’s likely as well.

Aside from the creepy factor, Azeroth is your oyster. Accomplish time consuming quests in the buff, it’ll make them a little less painfully dull. Grab some friends and have a digital orgy for all we care. And if you’re actually a real, flesh and blood female, and running around WoW in the nude appeals to you, thanks for validating our dreams.


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