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The Sims 2

If you’re getting tired of controlling every aspect of the virtual lives of virtual people as they go about their virtual chores, try adding a little virtual nudity to the mix. Virtual nipples are better than no nipples, after all, and there’s something strangely titillating about sending naked lesbian Sims outside to grab the paper.

Above: If the naked women want to make out, we figure we should let them

Preparing The Sims 2 for nudity is a three step process, so be ready to do a little work. Also, many of the files you’ll be downloading will be compressed RAR files, so you’ll need a RAR extractor if you don’t already have one. We found that Extract Now works well enough.

The first thing you need to do is remove the censor blur that appears when your Sims are nude. The easiest way to do this is to download the “original uncensor patch” here. Move the .exe file into the directory containing sims2.exe and run it. Once it’s patched successfully, your Sims will be fully visible in the shower.

The next step is to download some nude skins. These will replace the default skins which don’t feature nipples or anything else you’d expect on a bare body. Check out this site for some good skins. Download a few, unpack the .rar files and drop the skins into My Documents\EA Games\The Sims2\Downloads.

One more step. You don’t want your Sims to be nude only when they’re in the hot tub or shower, right? What you need is invisible clothing. This is easy enough – at the bottom of the same site we pointed you to for skins you’ll find “nude clothing.” Download “all cat” for clothing of all categories, extract the file from the .rar, and place it in the same directory you put the skins in.

Now start the game and create a new family. Make a sexy lady (or dude, if you’re so inclined), and instead of selecting one of the default skin tones, click the little star-like icon to open up your custom skins. Choose one of the skins you just downloaded and then move on to clothing. In each category of clothing there should be one that looks like a nude body, choose it for any clothing style you want your Sim to appear nude in.

Ideally, you’ll create two women and make them spouses. Why? Oh come on.


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