The top 7... rudest cheats

Half-Life 2

It was only a matter of time before Alyx’s breast physics engine would inspire a nude mod.

Run the setup file, and when it asks, browse to find your Steam account name or email address folder.  The path will look something like this: C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\yourusername.

After you’ve installed the patch, find “hl2.exe” (The Half-Life 2 directory will be in the same username directory we just referenced) and make a shortcut to it. Open the shortcut’s preferences, and at the end of the “target” line, add “-console.” This is for the sake of a few cheats that’ll come in handy in conjunction with the mod.

Start up the game via the shortcut you just made, and if you’re not in part of the game that includes Alyx as an NPC, you can easily spawn her. Open up the console with the tilde (~) key and enter “npc_create npc_alyx,” or you can just warp to Eli’s lab by entering “map d1_eli_02.”

Above:  Do some jumping jacks or face our crossbow

You may also want to enter “sv_cheats 1” and “god” so that you don’t die in the middle of your fun. We found it immensely amusing to also throw in “cl_phys_timescale 0.05.” This will greatly slow down the time it takes for NPCs to die, making their arms flail, and torsos twist in super slow-mo. So when Alyx is shot down, she generally ends up in a variety of hilarious poses. Alright, so it’s a little morbid and creepy, but who are you trying to impress?


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