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Max Payne 2

Rockstar doesn’t need to be told that we like shiny, naked women. Leading lady Mona Sax of Max Payne 2 appears nude, but mostly obscured, in one of the game’s cutscenes. But by activating developer mode, you can flip your character model from Max to any model in the game, including naked Mona, making her bare body completely playable. So play her we did.

If you’re itching to see breasts in bullet-time, open the preferences of the Max Payne 2 shortcut, and add “-developer” and “-developerkeys” to the end of the “target” field. It should look something like this:

"C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Max Payne 2\MaxPayne2.exe" -developer -developerkeys

Now start a game at any level and press “Page Up” or “Page Down” to switch character models. Keep going until you get to one of the two naked Mona models.

Above: Say hello to my little friends

To grab some guns, press the tilde key (~) to open the console, and enter “getberettas;” (replace “berettas” with a different gun if you like). Automatic bullet time doesn’t work with Mona, but with developerkeys enabled, you can manually speed up and slow down time by pressing the “Home” and “End” buttons.

It should be obvious what to do next - run into a room full of thugs, jump through the air with guns blazing, and hit “End” until time is frozen. Now press F3 to free up the camera, maneuver to the hottest angle possible and grab a screen for your desktop.


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