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Britney's Dance Beat

At one time, Britney was the quintessential innocent but sexy, safe but erotic, pure but slutty pop star. Hidden beneath a skin-tight flesh colored body suit were two holy-grails that, when seen, were reported to glow with iridescent magic.

Today, after getting knocked up and divorced, the former Mouseketeer is a hairless single mother and part time crotch flasher, a far cry from the Britney we once knew. Britney’s Dance Beat returns us to a more innocent time, a time that might have actually made installing a nude patch worth something.

Above: At least better than looking at Paris Hilton

Unfortunately, you have to actually play the game to the last level in order to see Britney’s mammaries. We bought the game from Amazon for $3, and spent about 15 minutes playing it, and we sort of wish we’d just bought a couple of burgers and made ketchup nipples on them instead.


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