The top 7... rudest cheats

We can’t deny that, despite being unfeeling binary illusions, video game chicks are hot. We’d delve into the deep psychological curiosities that make these digital fantasies so appealing to libidinous male gamers, but it’s more fun to just show you how the hormone-infused gaming community has sexed up some of the most popular games ever.

Whether the developers intentionally created the titillating features, or they were modded by pubescent hackers, they’re hot (if a bit misogynistic and creepy), and we’ve got the scoop on how to get them.

The screens in this feature are censored, but if you’re really into hot polygon love, follow the instructions to replicate them yourself. Also be warned that any links to external sites are pretty much guaranteed to contain porno ads and other lewdness.

If you saw this article when it was originally posted, you were blasted with a grand parade of uncensored boob screens and absurd footage of frolicking virtual nudists. Unfortunately, we quickly discovered that the internet is no place for nudity, breasts, or nude breasts, and the video mysteriously disappeared. After a little negotiation, we're happy to say that it's back, and even better, because now it includes fancy black bars that happen to move in conjunction with female torsos. For your consideration, "The top 7... slightly-less-rude cheats."


Top 7


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