The Top 7... New franchises that already feel old

Like Trauma Center, Cooking Mama is a good idea, but it boils down to roughly the same thing: a test of your DS stylus and Wiimote accuracy.

We can only take so much chopping and frying before we get bored and hungry and wish we had a real omelet. There might be hope in copycat games like Order Up!, which added some casual restaurant management elements, but don't count on it. Ignoring the possibility of some massive innovation, the cooking genre seems to have reached its peak already, and subsequent cooking games may be as appealing as four-day old leftover fish sticks.

The virtual pet concept is old. Nintendo did it exceptionally well (Nintendogs has sold a billion gazillion copies), but it's still so damn old. In Nintendo's defense, it isn't all their fault. Ubisoft's Petz series began assaulting us years before Nintendogs existed, and continues to peddle cuteness with what seem like monthly releases. But while we can mostly ignore the bargain bin Petz releases, Nintendogs is everywhere. It's the best selling Nintendo published DS game ever. It replaced real dogs on children's Christmas lists. It's even in our TVs. That kind of exposure can make anything feel old.

Guitar Hero started a revolution in the North American and European markets. Without Guitar Hero, Harmonix wouldn't have gone on to make Rock Band, Konami wouldn't be grasping at the market with Rock Revolution, and Nintendo wouldn't desperately be hyping Wii Music. But we're so over Guitar Hero.

Of course we're fond of the cultural phenomenon, but they're tossing out new editions and smacking every demographic in the face so fast that we're starting to wonder if the franchise has Tony Hawk syndrome. Between 2007 and 2008, five portable (DS and cell phone) and five console versions of Guitar Hero have been released or are planned. That's ten games in two years. Meanwhile, we jump at every opportunity to rattle some Rock Band 2 drums.

In short, Guitar Hero is so 2006.

Sep 8, 2008

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  • doomdoomdoom - July 5, 2009 3:30 a.m.

    I agree with TobyW360 why the fuck is saints row up there there only two of them. They need to add madden, Tiger Woods, and fucking poker games. P.S. The Wii suck monkey dick and truck Nuts
  • kryptkeeper666 - July 9, 2009 10:46 a.m.

    I enjoyed Saints Row, i beat the first one several times over, then beat the second one several times over, and every now and again ill STILL play the second one.
  • likedamaster - July 12, 2009 4:53 a.m.

    Toby's and doomdoom's comment are 9 months apart. LOL.
  • doomdoomdoom - August 8, 2009 2:44 a.m.

    Cool i must have travel back in time and posted a comment on a web site that didn't exist and it appeared now ???? i am confusion my self again??? they need to fix this problem or write a article on it.
  • GamesRadarTylerWilde - September 8, 2008 9:37 p.m.

    Agreed, bioshocker. Brain training games are passe.
  • Curtis_Stone - September 8, 2008 9:48 p.m.

    This is a great list i have the exact same feelings about the GH franchise...thnx for getting us interested in the music genre but u have been surpassed by Rock Band, just concede to defeat Neversoft and go back to the Tony Hawk games...wait that series is def missing from ur list Tyler
  • GamesRadarTylerWilde - September 8, 2008 9:53 p.m.

    @zabu_san: I think Tony Hawk is too old to be considered a new franchise. I believe the first one was released in '99.
  • flare149 - September 8, 2008 9:55 p.m.

    It's really sad, Activision has ruined Guitar Hero. If it had stayed with Harmonix and we got a new good game every once in awhile, it'd still be great, but yeah they're releasing to many and adding a bunch of crud like the stupid boss battles, battle mode, and letting people playing medium beat people playing expert by making their notes count for more Also I agree with the Wii stuff, it annoys me
  • axgamer71 - September 8, 2008 9:56 p.m.

    Honestly Guitar Hero never gets old for me...on the other hang madden over and over again...*sigh* me and my friend recently had an argument over this.
  • NintendoNerd655 - September 8, 2008 10:12 p.m.

    I want Madden in there lol... Kinda agree with Guitar Hero, and "Wii" games need to die.
  • TiredButStillAive - September 8, 2008 10:32 p.m.

    Neversoft has killed every franchise its worked on GH especially. I mean, C'mon look At Tony F***ing HAWK games. Does ANYONE care anymore?
  • bron1417 - September 8, 2008 10:45 p.m.

    you have a nice list there tyler nice. and yea tony hawk started in 99.
  • Curtis_Stone - September 8, 2008 11:08 p.m.

    yeah i'm a retard! I realized after I posted what the initial topic was and it was too late to change it after stupid...!!!
  • iluvmyDS - September 8, 2008 11:22 p.m.

    Sad but true.
  • Tasty_Pasta - September 8, 2008 11:51 p.m.

    Definitely agree with guitar hero. That's just poor quality that hasn't gotten any better.
  • Bigpapa360 - September 8, 2008 11:58 p.m.

    Im sorry I actually liked Saints Row. I think GTA needs to get off its high horse.
  • Nin10DOH - September 9, 2008 12:01 a.m.

    Sonic isnt up there?
  • GamesRadarTylerWilde - September 9, 2008 12:03 a.m.

    @Bigpapa360: Agreed that Saints Row isn't a bad game. It's just a bit lowbrow, and with all of the approaching open world competition (games like Saboteur, Borderlands, and Prototype come to mind), I feel like it has to greatly reinvent itself to keep from becoming totally outdated.
  • londonjack - September 9, 2008 12:35 a.m.

    what about halo
  • guitardudezach10 - September 9, 2008 2:24 a.m.

    you know you all love nintendogs. lol

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