The Top 7... Girl-on-girl kisses

3. Persephone and Niobe share a moment (Enter the Matrix - 2003 - Xbox, PS2, PC, GC)

Monica Bellucci is hot. So hot, in fact, that she nearly made the Matrix sequels watchable. So it was almost worth suffering through the buggy, brainless, chop-socky torture of Enter the Matrix to watch her character Persephone lock lips with the game's heroine, Captain Niobe, played by Jada Pinkett Smith.

Like Tron, but sexy: Jada Pinkett Smith's only expression makes Monica Bellucci melt

Niobe could've been a little more enthusiastic, but this deserves special recognition for being the only (non-porn) girl-on-girl game kiss to feature real, live women rather than digital dolls. Of course, they're in the Matrix, so you could argue that they're both digital. And for that matter, Persephone is actually a soulless, anthropomorphized computer program who would probably look like a tentacled steel nightmare in the "real world." And so, you could argue, this is a "girl-on-girl" kiss only in the loosest sense.

But then you'd be a huge nerd even by our standards, and we wouldn't hang out with you anymore.


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