The Top 7... Girl-on-girl kisses

5. Summer channels her aggression into dance (Outlaw Golf 2 - 2004 - Xbox, PS2)

Outlaw Golf and its sequel weren't exactly top-tier games, but they did have one interesting feature: when your golfer whiffed shots, he or she would lose their composure, and the whiffing worsened. To get it back together, you could beat the shit out of your caddy in a timed minigame; the longer you kept up the beating, the more elaborate it got.

Whip it good: Summer gets ready to redefine 'tough love'

In the original Outlaw Golf, spank-happy stripper Summer engaged her partner Autumn in an old-fashioned beatdown, but in Outlaw Golf 2, she was decidedly nicer. Slamming Autumn into a chair, Summer started into a quick pole dance, then launched herself into Autumn's lap to deliver a full-on kiss to the lips - no cutting away here, boys and girl. (Yeah, that's right - girl, singular. We know who you are, and we're telling your mom.) The tenderness was abruptly cut short by a headbutt, but at least it didn't end with stripper guts all over the fairway.


Top 7


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