The Top 7... Girl-on-girl kisses

6. Romance on the eve of battle (Jade Empire - 2005 - Xbox)

Jade Empire is one of those awesome games that give the player a lot of choices. You can, for example, choose between good and evil decisions, or elect to play through the ancient-China-inspired adventure as one of three female martial artists rather than as a man. You can also pursue one of several romantic subplots, which culminate with a kiss toward the end of the game.

True confession: You will never, ever see this in the game. You will, however, see it in our video

If you're playing as a woman, you can woo either a dude named Sky or a ninja-looking princess-in-disguise named Silk Fox. If you pick the latter, though, you're in for disappointment: while chasing Sky nets you an onscreen kiss near the end of the game, the camera cuts away when you lean in to lay your lips on Silk Fox. Still, the kiss is clearly implied, and that - in addition to a possible lesbian relationship between two of your followers - scores Jade Empire just enough bonus points for it to qualify, regardless of directorial squeamishness.

That said, we managed to score some exclusive, uncensored footage of a kiss between Scholar Ling and Silk Fox from the PC version of the game, due to hit stores in January. You can see what you've been missing in the screenshot above.


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