The Top 7... Franchise Embarrassments

Prince of Persia: Warrior Within
(2004, Multi)

Gather 'round, lads and lasses, for a tale of innocence, treachery and redemption... Once upon a time, an adventurous prince set forth on a magical quest to save a kingdom, and a princess. This hero was young, charming and pure of spirit.

Alas, such virtues don't pay the bills. You see, although highly respected and adored by some, the prince simply wasn't pulling in enough gold to please his creator overlords. He must appeal more to the masses, they decreed, and a makeover ("verily unto the extreme") was issued. More blood! More sex! More angst! More eyeliner, tattoos and stringy, unwashed hair! More bad rock music for the prince to scream bad words over! Arabia, f*** yeah!

In the end, the creators recognized the horror they had wrought and quickly sought to correct it in the prince's third adventure. But the damage had been done. A hero's soul was sold for profit and, far worse, some of that profit went to Godsmack.